So we've all seen the articles about how gross women really are when no ones looking

But, newsflash, men are gross at times* too

*All the time

Coming from your fellow men, just admit it

  • Peeing in the shower
  • Peeing in the sink if the shower's too far away.
  • Cutting their fingernails and leaving the clippings lying around. 
  • Turning dirty boxers inside out to wear them again another day. 
  • Sniffing underwear lying on the ground to tell if it's acceptable to wear it again. 
  • Wearing it anyway even if it isn't good. 
  • Shaving and not taking the time to wash away the whiskers that fell into the sink. 
  • Scratching their beards and watching the dandruff fall out. 
  • Taking their wieners out of their underwear before even getting to the urinal. 
  • And leaving the bathroom before even completely closing their zippers. 
  • Farting, then taking the time to appreciate the fragrance they've just made. 

  • Farting loudly when no one's on the street with them. 
  • Farting in an elevator and praying that no one gets in.
  • Having a cold and wiping snot on the sleeve of their shirt.
  • Being too lazy to take a shower and slathering on deodorant instead. 
  • Sniffing their armpits to tell if it's time to take a shower. 
  • Shoving their hand into their underwear and taking the time to scratch their balls really well. 
  • Smelling it afterward, just out of curiosity. 
  • Not washing their hands.
  • Picking their nose, then spending a good five minutes analyzing the color and texture of their day's work. 
  • Then eating their day's work. 
  • On really hot days, shaking their leg vigorously to unstick their balls from their thigh. 

  • Peeing in a bottle because the toilets are too far away. 
  • Forgetting to throw the bottle away. 
  • Blowing their nose in the shower.
  • Not washing their hands after going to the bathroom, claiming that they "didn't touch anything." 
  • Peeing standing farther back from the toilet than usual, just to work on their marksmanship. 
  • "Forgetting" to lift the toilet seat. 
  • Watching their balls move by themselves. LOL
  • Performing a sort of massaging motion on their testicles because they really itch badly and it's the only way to scratch the itch without hurting themselves.
  • Masturbating, then wiping up with the first thing they can reach. 
  • Like a sock. 

  • Masturbating, and just waiting for it to dry. 
  • Furiously scratching their pubes then leaving pubic hairs lying around. 
  • Loafing around watching TV with one hand in their underwear. 
  • Touching their junk in a nonsexual way. 
  • Wearing jeans for more than a month without washing them. 
  • Eating something that fell on the ground because it was only on the ground for five seconds, and five seconds is, like, nothing. 
  • Going to the bathroom and letting the last drop of pee fall into their underwear. Of course.

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